RMR Pro-Diesel Technology releases Enhancer kits

RMR Pro-Diesel Technology, Jet, Oklahoma, has developed the Enhancer kits to gain fuel mileage and horse power. The Enhancer kits work on farm tractors, pickups, semis and generators. The Enhancer can be installed on any turbo diesel engine. The Enhancer kits run off the boost pressure, the progressively opening valve opens as boost pressure rises and closes as it decreases. RMR Pro-Diesel has patented this valve and it has the only progressively opening valve on the market. By adding it, customers are seeing 25 percent in fuel savings. The kits include everything needed to install (minus the propane tank) or the operator can have RMR install. The Enhancer valve comes with a lifetime warranty and a 100 percent guarantee. A semi will see a 1- to 3-miles-per-gallon increase, a pickup from 5- to 12-miles-per-gallon increase and a farm tractor will see a 25 to 35 percent savings. For more information, call 580-626-4583 or visit www.propanediesel.com.