Deere makes a commitment to invest in products

Farmers and ranchers will be able to implement the latest in technology from the world’s leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment.

During the virtual Commodity Classic, John Deere unveiled products that represent a commitment to farmers and ranchers who need up-to-date technology to bring food and fiber to the marketplace. Representatives from Deere said input from producers and dealers was sought and included by engineers in the design process. Company representatives encouraged producers to visit with their dealer about new products that include articulated, four-wheel drive tractors to sprayer tools and related technology.

“Our dealers are the one-stop shop for solutions,” said Ryan Jardon, product marketing manager for Deere.

9R series tractors

The 9R series, articulated four-wheel drive tractors, can be used to prepare, plant and assist in the harvest of crops. The series range from 390 to 640 horsepower. The base engine is a Deere PowerTech 13.6 diesel engine from 390 to 590 horsepower.

“They offer better fuel efficiency and they are reliable with less maintenance over its lifetime. It’s everything you want on in a diesel engine. They have a lot lugging ability to pull through the tough spots,” Jardon said.

The largest tractors, the 9R640 and 9RX 640, are powered by a Cummins 15 liter diesel motor. Not only do they have better performance, they have added 20 additional horsepower over previous models. Growers need to have the power and speed to cover more acres, Jardon said.

“A customer has to get his work done as quickly, accurately and as efficiently when the time is right and when the conditions are right,” he said, adding the grower also needs flexibility when conditions are less than ideal.

“One of the features we are excited about is the Hydraulic Intelligent Power Management that unlocks additional top seed of 50 horsepower,” he said.

Growers in the Plains states pulling implements like air seeders that demand heavy hydraulics usage can continue work through tough field conditions.

The tractors will be available to purchase from dealers and delivered for 2022 season. Innovation is a must for Deere because that’s what farmers and ranchers expect as does the company itself, he said.

The goal is make farmers better and enhance their operations and stewardship of resources, he said. “Anything we can do to keep our equipment on the cutting edge is something we want to do.”

Producers not only need precision ag but also high capacity equipment, he said.

“They are looking for precision ag integrated into their tractors, that are comfortable and they can work all day in,” Jardon said. “It needs to be reliable and not worrisome.”

Other key features include integrated maintenance of a StarFire receiver and applications can be used right out of the factory. The tractor operator can use precision technology information with Cloud resources and they are clearly displayed easy to read. AutoTrac guidance continues to be a hallmark feature to accurately perform work. JDLink connectivity allows for critical and timely information to keep equipment efficiently running.

A large cab allows the operator to work days and evenings and comfortable. The cab should feel like an office for the farmer, he said, and Deere continues to deliver an all all 9 series tractors include a package with footrests, a refrigerator and heated, ventilated massaging seat that swivels up to 25 degrees to the left and 40 degrees to the right improved visibility and comfort.

“It’s not always about being the comfortable the first day but can you also be comfortable that 15th day,” he said.

The updated 9 series lineup includes wheel 9R, two-track 9RT and four-track 9RX tractors that enable farmers to cover more acres in less time with greater accuracy and quality and reduce their operating costs. John Deere is the only manufacturer to offer all three configurations.

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Sprayer technology

John Deere has introduced See & Spray Select to its arsenal.

The See & Spray Select, the first commercially available John Deere machine factory-equipped with this advanced spraying technology for Deere’s 400 and 600 series sprayers. Farmers can use See & Spray Select, installed on a John Deere sprayer, to minimize input costs and only spray weeds when they are detected, said Joel Basinger, marketing manager at Deere. This technology makes it possible for farmers to use more expensive and complex tank mixes more efficiently than what they can broadcast, reducing their costs, improving their ability to control herbicide-resistant weeds at a lower cost.

Sprayers are an integral part of growers’ operations and must provide maximum value and Basinger has watched the machines increase in efficiency.

“We started at field level, then zones and now we are on a row basis,” he said. “We want to put down the right rate.”

The future of technology has a much higher long-term expectation, he said. “We almost will be able to manage on a per-plant basis. That is a future we see as the technology keeps growing. We are not there yet, but that is the goal.”

The winds of the High Plains means producers need to have flexibility on application their programs

“The ExactApply technology does target the pressure to minimize the drift,” Basinger said. “We want to have the right droplet size to control the drift. We want to help the customer to do a better job of applying the chemicals.”

Hagie sprayer lineup

A new lineup of Hagie self-propelled STS12, STS16 and STS20 sprayers is something Basinger smiles about when he thinks about their introduction to customers and how they move use to the field.

Sprayer booms stretch from 90 to 132 feet, he said.

“Some of our larger sprayers—they can cover 1,000 acres a day depending on individual customers and needs,” Basinger said. “The larger the tank the less time you spend filling it.”

The Hagie sprayers use precision ag that allows for a full season of spraying and management. Producers can look to split-apply nitrogen or demand superior late-season fungicide coverage it can be done with the Hagie STS series.

The sprayer technology can control the individual nozzle and that offers opportunities to reduce application costs with precise management, he said.

The sprayer now can be used throughout the growing season to address needs. The technology documents everything sprayed.

“We can identify the ‘hot spots’ and focus on the areas,” he said.

The latest designs were to allow the operator to focus on management and that means design features to elevate comfort so he focused on the user’s experience.

The Hagie sprayer includes a leather seat and it is heated like a modern pickup truck a producer uses as his remote office, he said.

“We spent a lot of time on the ergonomics. LED lighting is standard on Hagie sprayers. In the High Plains where the wind can be high during the day and only allows the producer to spray at night is another reason for improved lighting,” Basinger said.

The comfort, including even a refrigerator to store lunches and snacks, are all designed with the user in place.

The new STS sprayers are equipped with a John Deere PowerTech 9-liter engine and ranges from 300 to 400 horsepower and they are more efficient with fuel that past sprayers.

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