Everyone needs a happy place

Zachary Stuckey

Some places are like no other on earth, a destination filled with memories, affection and joy, a place where lifelong connections are made every day. It has energy. It has culture. It is “Manhappiness!”

In the grand scheme, how could a simple number, exit 303, have such an incredible impact on my mood? Well, it just does. Somehow excitement becomes tangible, and an undeniable anticipation rushes in every time.

Maybe purple is power, or maybe there is nothing “little” about this apple of Manhattan, Kansas, at all. In about three weeks, I will be there to experience it again.

Cattle U set for June 25

This time I will have the privilege to share my time with cattle producers and industry leaders at High Plains Journal’s Cattle U event on June 25.

Entering year six, Cattle U will showcase a special partnership with Certified Angus Beef and Kansas State University. Although much of the educational focus will be on cow-calf operations, Beef Quality Assurance certification will be offered for everyone in attendance.

Whether your operation can benefit from networking with other cattlemen or attending sessions about fly challenges, the future of pharmaceuticals, cowherd management, risk strategies, harvest and feed considerations or even a cattle market outlook, I encourage you to join us. See firsthand how practical and productive discussions can advance your cattle program.

Your time is valuable

As an extension to your family and your ranch, High Plains Journal understands how time and value go hand in hand. This is what inspires us to ensure your experience is as beneficial as those who attended Cattle U in the past.

One previous attendee shared, “The producer panel was informative and provided great ideas for our operations.” It is our pleasure to welcome Mark Gardiner to moderate this session at the 2024 event.

Another cattleman said, “The speakers were phenomenal and offered valuable expertise. They were very approachable and easy to interact with.”

Confidence shines

Not only do more than 95% of past attendees share that they would recommend attending Cattle U, but what I am most proud of is their confidence in the environment and trust they have in High Plains Journal to deliver a platform where they can share challenges and production practices to move our industry forward.

Stamp your RSVP today. Join me and other cattlemen and women at the place I know will make you happy. Whether your trigger to turn is 313 or 303, the destination is Cattle U in “The Little Apple,” a place where connections thrive and have a lasting impact on you and your future. Learn more at cattleu.net. See you soon!

Zac Stuckey can be reached at [email protected]