Second EIA-positive horse identified in Colorado

Case is unrelated to August 2018 EIA investigation

On Sept. 28, the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s State Veterinarian’s Office was notified that a second Colorado horse has tested positive for Equine Infectious Anemia. While both horses reside in Weld County, the two cases are unrelated.
“While the investigation is in its initial stages, it is clear the affected horse is unrelated to horses, locations or movements to the previous case in 2018. The affected horse and other horses on the second Weld County property are subject to a quarantine, which restricts movement of any horses on or off the property. The remaining horses on the facility will be observed, tested and then retested in 60 days,” said State Veterinarian, Dr. Keith Roehr. “It is important to note that the risk of disease transmission to other horses in Colorado at this time is low, due to the fact that there are not any horses housed on adjacent properties, which also lowers the risk of biting horse flies in the area.”
The positive test was conducted by CDA’s Rocky Mountain Regional Animal Health Laboratory. EIA information is available at