Americans say breakfast is their favorite meal for sausage

It’s a perfect food for any time of the day, but for many Americans, the morning just isn’t complete without sausage. New research commissioned by the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council and conducted online by The Harris Poll shows breakfast is the meal Americans say is their favorite for sausage. Overall 89 percent of Americans eat sausage, and among those, nearly 3 in 4, or 74 percent, like to eat sausage for breakfast, followed by 59 percent who like it for dinner. A majority of those who eat sausage (61 percent) like it savory, while 54 percent like their sausage spicy.

“Americans clearly enjoy waking up their taste buds with sausage. And with so many different choices and flavor profiles, it’s no surprise that Americans love sausage and enjoy eating it throughout the day,” said NHDSC President Eric Mittenthal. “It’s the perfect food to give any meal an extra burst of flavor and protein’s nutrition.”

Retail sales data provided by Nielsen shows steady growth in both the breakfast and fresh sausage categories in recent years. In 2017, Americans bought more than 150 million pounds of breakfast sausage at retail alone with Detroit, Atlanta and Chicago leading the way as the highest consuming cities.

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