Kinze introduces advanced planter technologies

Kinze, Williamsburg, Iowa, has introduced three advanced planter technologies available for the 2019 planting season, which are easy for any farmer to operate. Kinze Blue Vantage display offers the most intuitive user interface in the industry by displaying all the information farmers need on one screen. The new display features high-definition mapping and graphs, as well as the most comprehensive diagnostics screen on the market. Kinze Blue Drive integrates seamlessly with the Blue Vantage display to provide detailed information on all system components. Blue Drive features section control for individual rows, including split rows. The section control compensates for split rows, where front rows shut off before rear rows for smooth and consistent shut off performance for maximum productivity with no wasted seed. Industry-leading Ethernet provides faster and more reliable connectivity. Both of these new products were designed by the recently established Kinze Electronics Division and are available on various configurations of Kinze’s 3660 and 4900 planter models. Kinze True Depth hydraulic down force provides row-by-row active control with down and up force to ensure proper seed depth to maximize yield. The True Depth system is available on the 4900 16- and 24-row planter models, and the 3660 16-row planter, including split rows. For more information, see a dealer or visit