NWF announces state winners for the 2018 National Wheat Yield Contest

The National Wheat Foundation recently announced the national winners for the 2018 National Wheat Yield Contest. Now NWF is announcing state winners for the 2018 contest, which includes 82 growers from 23 states.

“It’s great to see winners from such states as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia who aren’t commonly known for producing wheat,” stated NWF Board President and Idaho wheat grower Wayne Hurst. “It demonstrates the versatility of the crop which can grow in these states and states, like Kansas and Idaho, which are known for being large producers of wheat.”

The contest recognizes winners for each state (those submitted) in two primary competition categories: winter wheat and spring wheat, and two subcategories: dryland and irrigated.

“NWF would like to thank each grower for enrolling in the NWYC and our sponsors for helping to make the Contest available to wheat growers in the US,” continued Hurst. “As the Contest continues to grow, we hope to see growers from new states enter the Contest and include wheat farmers from states not recognized in this year’s batch of winners.”

This year’s state winners per state:

State Rank First Name Last Name Field County Field State Contest Sector* Seed Brand
1st Duane Dutra Kings CA WW – Irrigated WestBred
1st Jerry Cooksey Adams CO WW – Irrigated Plains Gold
2nd Dustin Cooksey Adams CO WW – Irrigated Plains Gold
1st Trevor Stout Latah ID SW – Dryland WestBred
2nd Joseph Anderson Nez Perce ID SW – Dryland LCS
1st Terry Wilcox Madison ID SW – Irrigated WestBred
1st Doug Stout Latah ID WW – Dryland WestBred
2nd Dave Duncan Kootenai ID WW – Dryland WestBred
3rd Kyle Duncan Benewah ID WW – Dryland WestBred
1st Mark Krausz Clinton IL WW – Dryland AgriMAXX
2nd Matt Krausz Clinton IL WW – Dryland AgriMAXX
3rd Dale Wehmeyer St. Clair IL WW – Dryland AgriMAXX
1st Douglas Morehouse White IN WW – Dryland Croplan
1st Rick Horton Finney KS WW – Dryland Plains Gold
2nd Tom Pauly Sedgwick KS WW – Dryland KWA
3rd Jerome Wiens Meade KS WW – Dryland WestBred
1st Ken Horton Kearny KS WW – Irrigated WestBred
2nd Matt Horton Kearny KS WW – Irrigated WestBred
3rd Richard Seck Reno KS WW – Irrigated WestBred
1st Nick Suwyn Allegan MI WW – Dryland AgriPro
2nd Dwight Bartle Sanilac MI WW – Dryland DF Seeds
3rd Clifford Gordon Sanilac MI WW – Dryland Pioneer
1st Nick Suwyn Allegan MI WW – Irrigated AgriPro
1st Orin Knutson Marshall MN SW – Dryland WestBred
2nd Paul Solem Polk MN SW – Dryland WestBred
3rd Jeremy Chandler Norman MN SW – Dryland WestBred
1st Alex Bishop Becker MN SW – Irrigated WestBred
1st Tony Brateng Roseau MN WW – Dryland WestBred
1st David Rohlfing Gasconade MO WW – Dryland Pioneer
2nd Mark Lehenbauer Marion MO WW – Dryland Pioneer
1st Ed Bibeau Phillips MT SW – Dryland NDSU
2nd Russell McIntosh Hill MT SW – Dryland WestBred
1st Randy Bokma Fergus MT WW – Dryland WestBred
2nd Glenn Todd Judith Basin MT WW – Dryland WestBred
3rd Robert Grubb Fergus MT WW – Dryland WestBred
1st Harbert Moore Robeson NC WW – Dryland Croplan
2nd Phillip McLain Iredell NC WW – Dryland USG
3rd Felton Outland Gates NC WW – Dryland AgriMAXX
1st Jon Wert Hettinger ND SW – Dryland LCS
2nd Lorin Haagenson Benson ND SW – Dryland Croplan
3rd Tanner Enger Mercer ND SW – Dryland Croplan
1st Monte Leidenix Burleigh ND SW – Irrigated WestBred
1st John Weinand Mercer ND WW – Dryland AgriPro
2nd Todd Hoff Sioux ND WW – Dryland WestBred
1st Brian Schafer Hayes NE SW – Dryland WestBred
1st Travis Freeburg Kimball NE WW – Dryland AgriPro
2nd Ed Evertson Cheyenne NE WW – Dryland Plains Gold
3rd Matt Klingman Deuel NE WW – Dryland Husker Genetics
1st Brock Terrell Sheridan NE WW – Irrigated WestBred
2nd Brett Sorensen Sheridan NE WW – Irrigated WestBred
3rd Matt Klingman Deuel NE WW – Irrigated AgriPro
1st Eric Eachus Gloucester NJ WW – Dryland Dyna-Gro
1st Eric Eachus Gloucester NJ WW – Irrigated Seedway
1st LeeAnderson Jim San Juan NM WW – Irrigated AgriPro
1st Douglas Goyings Paulding OH WW – Dryland Strike
2nd Jason Grant Brown OH WW – Dryland BioGene Seeds
3rd Robert Miller Trumbull OH WW – Dryland AgriPro
1st Dave Cunningham Williams OH WW – Irrigated Pioneer
1st Jesse Green Lincoln OK WW – Dryland WestBred
2nd Don Schieber Tulsa OK WW – Dryland OGI
3rd Adam Steinert Garfield OK WW – Dryland WestBred
1st Larry Carroll Morrow OR SW – Irrigated WestBred
2nd Dan Mills Umatilla OR SW – Irrigated WestBred
1st Nathan Rea Umatilla OR WW – Dryland LCS
1st Lawrence Pedro Umatilla OR WW – Irrigated WestBred
2nd Mark Pedro Umatilla OR WW – Irrigated WestBred
3rd Kenzie Hansell Umatilla OR WW – Irrigated Dyna-Gro
1st Darrel Martin Lancaster PA WW – Dryland Chemgro
2nd Jim Hershey Lancaster PA WW – Dryland AgriPro
3rd Leslie Bowman Franklin PA WW – Dryland Pioneer
1st Tim Sulak Hill TX WW – Dryland WestBred
2nd Ben Scholz Collin TX WW – Dryland AGSouth Genetics
1st Alan Welch Northumberland VA WW – Dryland Pioneer
1st Jason Beechinor Walla Walla WA SW – Dryland WestBred
1st Keith Gross Adams WA SW – Irrigated WestBred
2nd James Getzinger Grant WA SW – Irrigated WestBred
1st Brian Cochrane Franklin WA WW – Dryland WSU
2nd Nathan Rea Walla Walla WA WW – Dryland LCS
3rd John Dixon Whitman WA WW – Dryland McGregor
1st David Gross Spokane WA WW – Irrigated WestBred
2nd Phillip Gross Grant WA WW – Irrigated LCS
1st Travis Freeburg Laramie WY WW – Dryland AgriPro

The sponsors for the 2018 National Yield Contest are AgriMaxx, Ardent Mills, BASF, Croplan/Winfield, Indigo Ag, Grain Craft, John Deere, LCS, Mennel Milling, Miller Milling, Sygenta, and WestBred.

*WW = Winter Wheat; SW = Spring Wheat

It should be noted winners are selected by the percentage increase their yield exceeds the most recent 5-year Olympic county average as determined by USDA. 

The state winners attending the 2019 Commodity Classic will be recognized during a reception celebrating the Contest and its winners. The 2019 Classic will be held in Orlando, Florida from Feb. 28 to March 2. Official rules and entry details for the 2019 Contest will be available by Jan. 1st, 2019, at www.yieldcontest.wheatfoundation.org.