Bull test hits halfway mark

The beef bulls consigned to the 67th Annual Oklahoma Panhandle State University Bull Test have completed 56 days of the 112-day performance test. The bulls have an average daily gain of 4.57 pounds and a weight-per-day-of-age of 3.11 pounds. The test will be completed January 26, 2019 and these top performing bulls will sell in the 67th Annual Performance Tested Sale, February 18, 2019.

Clarence Frey of Mulhall, Oklahoma, has the top gaining junior age bull with an ADG of 6.23 pounds on a son of TC Dollar UP 5154. William Gilmore of Canyon, Texas, has the second ranked junior on an ADG of 5.38 pounds sired by JAF 545 Tradition. B&M Angus of Edmond, Oklahoma, has the third ranked junior with an ADG of 5.21 on a son of B&M Upshot 304.

Terry Sedlak of Kingfisher, Oklahoma, has the top gaining pen of juniors with an ADG of 4.64 pounds. In second place is Mike Frey’s pen of three Angus with an ADG of 4.51 pounds. The third place pen with an ADG of 4.49 pounds is a pen of four Angus consigned by William Gilmore of Canyon, Texas. The four bulls are sons of JAF 545 Tradition.

The senior bull of Terry Sedlak leads the senior bulls with an ADG of 7.50 pounds. He is sired by TL Banker 5053. Larry Weinkauf of Ponca City, Oklahoma, has the second ranked senior bull with an ADG of 6.59 pounds. The bull is a son of GAR Prophet E 604. Al Rutledge of Stillwater, Oklahoma, has the third place senior, a son of EXAR Stud 4658B with an ADG of 6.39 pounds.

In the senior pen division, Larry Weinkauf leads the way with the first and second ranked pen of bulls with ADG’s of 5.88 and 5.33 pounds respectively. A pen of four Angus bulls of Panhandle State is in third place with an ADG of 5.14 pounds. Three of these bulls are sons of GAR 5050 New Design 8763 and one is a son of GAR Trust K113.