Panhandle State to have Performance Test sale

The bulls enrolled in the 69th Annual Oklahoma Panhandle State University Performance Test at Goodwell, Oklahoma, were weighed on Jan. 30 in preparation for the Feb. 22 sale.

The bulls will be measured for frame score, scrotal circumference and evaluated on semen quality. They have been scanned for fat thickness, rib eye area and intra-muscular fat. The bulls ended up with average daily gain of 4.26 pounds and a weight per day of age of 3.20 pounds. The bulls will sell in the 69th Annual Bull Sale at 1 p.m. Feb. 22. The auctioneer will be Matt Sims and the sale will be at the England Activity Center at the University Farm in Goodwell.

The top gaining bull on the test is a senior age bull consigned by Terry Sedlak of Kingfisher with an ADG of 5.97 pounds and WPA of 3.48 lbs. The bull is the son of EXAR Prophet 7167B. The second-ranked senior is a B&M Angus bull with an ADG of 5.73 and a WDA of 3.20 pounds. The bull is sired by Jindra Angus. Cody Barrington, Lawton, Kansas, has the third ranked senior bull with an ADG of 5.29 pounds on an Angus bull sired by KR Synergy.

In the senior pen division, Al Ruthledge, Stillwater, has the top pen with ADG of 4.73 pounds on a pen of three Angus. The sires represented are GAR Method and Sydgen Enhance. In second place is a B&M pen of four Angus with an ADG of 4.70 pounds. Sires represented in this pen are Jindra Acclaim, SRR Momentum 6130 and SRR Resource 6147A. In third place is Cody Harrington’s pen of five Angus with ADG of 4.53 pounds. Sires represented are A&B Spotlight 3065, LAH Caliente 6030, KR Synergy and Penners-CC Double Black 2257.

Jared Bates, Perkins, has the top gaining junior age bull on an Angus bull sired by EXAR Monumental 6056B. The bull had an ADG of 5.30 pounds and a WDA of 3.78 pounds. Becky Vandike of Wallace, Kansas, has the second ranked junior with an ADG of 5.27 pounds on a Red Angus sired by Andras Fusion R236. Mike Frey, Kingfisher, has the third place junior with ADG of 5.16 pounds and a WDA of 4.01 pounds on an Angus sired by Deer Valley Growth Fund.

Also, Mike Frey’s test No. 10-5 has the highest WDA of all bulls on test—4.22 pounds.

In the junior age pen division, Becky Vandike’s pen of three Red Angus leads the way on an ADG of 4.55 pounds. Sires represented are Andras Fusion $236, HXC Hot Shot 4424B and WEBR Beartooth 887. Paul Caldwell, Chandler, has the second place junior pen with ADG of 4.44 pounds on his pen of four Angus all sired by HA Outside 3878. In third place is Clarence Frey’s pen of three Angus with an ADG of 4.40 pounds and a WDA of 4.04 pounds. Sires Deer Valley Growth Fund and Stevenson Big League 70749 are represented.

For complete test results and sale catalog, contact Gwen Martin at 580-349-1500 or email [email protected].