Helpful household hints

Gum be gone

If your kids get chewing gum in their hair, you can use an egg white mixed up a little bit, work it through the mess and the gum will come out.

Quick duster

We’ve all got old socks lying in drawers and we have discovered that they make wonderful dusters. Just pull it up on your hand or arm and dust away. We always use a little bit of dusting spray so the crud sticks to the sock. Even the kids enjoy their dusting chores this way.

Cheap pet dishes

Our neighbor’s dog keep taking our pet dishes from our yard. My husband doesn’t want to make a fuss about it, so he simply cuts down about one-third of the way on an empty gallon milk jug, then puts a brick in the bottom of the jug and pours in the dog food. The “visitor’”can eat the food and has to leave the dish behind because he hasn’t figured out how to dump out the brick and pack off the dish again.

Auto window accessory

My son came home from college carrying a couple of chalk erasers he got at a toy store. He keeps one in each vehicle for when he starts the car and there is moisture on the inside of the windshield—he simply “erases” the water away. Quick, easy and dries out in the glove box for next time.

Homemade paste

A reader wrote, “When I was growing up, we didn’t have much and my mom always made us homemade paste for scrapbooks, etc. She just took some flour and added in a little water at a time, stirring all the while until it got as thick as she wanted. We could then take our fingers and spread the "glue" on the backs of pictures and paste them on pieces of cardboard boxes so we could enjoy them a little longer. The cardboard held up a little better with a nail in it stuck in the wall.

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