GEAPS, K-State offer training on pest management, safety, grain bin fires

Registration is now open for four courses from the Grain Elevator and Processing Society and Kansas State University in March. These online programs run from March 31 through May 5, and registration closes March 25.

GEAPS 525: Management of Pests in Stored Grain

Participants learn the skills to prevent and manage infestations using practical chemical and nonchemical methods. Lessons chronicle the most common types of pests associated with stored grain; management concepts including preventive and responsive tactics; and proper use of protectants and fumigants.

GEAPS 540: Entry Level Safety

Identify the main risks of working in the industry, discuss precautions and learn to follow company and facility safety and health policies. This course is a great resource for new grain industry workers, and also serves an excellent safety refresher for more experienced employees.

GEAPS 546: Fighting Grain Bin Fires and Smolders

This course discusses the main causes of fires and smolders in upright grain silos as well as ways to prevent and respond to emergencies. It will give you the tools to develop emergency action plans and interact with first responders.

GEAPS 552: Materials Handling III

This course introduces key information about powered-transmission design, system design and other affiliated systems used to move and store grain and related commodities. It is recommended that participants complete GEAPS 550: Materials Handling I and GEAPS 551: Materials Handling II before taking this course.

All four of these courses count toward credentials from GEAPS and Kanas State University. For more information on the certification, visit the GEAPS credential website.

Courses cost $700 for GEAPS members and $965 for non-members. For more information about the courses or the GEAPS/K-State Distance Education Program, visit the GEAPS website, contact Melissa Ferguson or call 763-999-4300.