Brookside Agra AgFlu offers protection against animal diseases

An effective way to reduce the spread of deadly viruses where poultry and livestock frequent is through increased hygiene and the use of natural biosecurity solutions, like ABSORB PLUS and AgFlu distributed by Brookside Agra, O’Fallon, Illinois, in partnership with a European manufacturer. AgFlu offers protection against the spread of contagious animal diseases, like coronavirus, which can be acquired from contaminated poultry hatcheries, livestock buildings, feed and farm equipment, slaughterhouses and processing plants. AgFlu leaves no environmental residues and is non-corrosive and non-toxic. It is suitable in all disinfecting systems (including aerial, spraying, foaming and fogging) and is safe to use in the presence of humans and farm animals. Rinsing is not required with AgFlu, giving it a strong residual activity of up to 72 hours after administration. AgFlu’s multi-component formulation means it is not susceptible to deterioration in activity due to pathogen mutation and it is highly effective in breaking down biofilm encountered on surfaces. For more information, see a representative or visit