Sunflower markets

The sunflower market in the Dakotas continues to stay on the uptrend as birdfood and crushers compete for remaining old crop seed stocks making sure to cover nearby needs. Birdfood prices at some locations gained an additional $1.75 to $2.00 per hundredweight in the past two weeks with prices trading at $22.50 to $27.00 in North Dakota and upwards of $25.00 to $27.00 in South Dakota. Since June 22 at the North Dakota crush plants nearby NuSun prices increased $0.50 with high oleic increasing $0.50 to $0.55. Seed prices in the High Plains were unchanged a week ago. The market is starting to reflect market fundamentals for this time of year. Now that the USDA planted acres report data is factored into the market, buyers will anxiously watch crop production prospects before making longer-term purchases. Initial estimates using trend yields peg oil-type sunflower production at 2.12 billion pounds up 12% from last year with confection sunflower production at 270 million pounds up 22% from 2019. Sunflower trading will be influenced to a greater extent by crop conditions and progress along with weather conditions in the near term. Mid-August through September is the critical time frame for sunflowers. So far this year most sunflower acreage in the Dakotas and Minnesota has been rated in good to excellent condition. The latest USDA supply and demand figures will also guide market direction in the near future.