Focus on realistic optimism


I am having anxiety about all of the things that are going on right now. The COVID-19 has made me want to stay away from people as much as I can for fear that I will come down with the virus. I have teenagers and they do not feel that they have to do anything to protect themselves.

I think they are selfish and we have talked about what could happen but for the most part they ignore what I say. We live in the country and for the most part there are not a lot of people out here. This is a farming community, so I want to believe we are safe.

I’ve watched the news and just imagine the tragedy of someone losing a family member. I have had anxiety in the past and worry about everything anyway. I feel like I’m getting lost and have no one to turn to. I am trying to be brave so I don’t talk to my husband about this growing problem. What should I do?


I believe the way you think is hurting your situation right now. Constant worry is not good for anyone. It usually makes your thoughts run away from you.

Talk to a trusted friend, and someone who has a level head. Talk about how you feel by phone because of the social distancing. Take care of yourself by exercising and eating well and just taking time for your self. Walking out of doors really gives you different scenery to look at and you live in the country so that is good.

Stay away from the bad news. Do not watch the news all day long and expect to feel better, it will not happen. Listen to music instead and possibly meditation music along with deep breathing can help as well.

Be grateful for all you have and thank God daily for your blessings. Just as you would be thankful for family and friends, be thankful for yourself. You are still here. Focus on the good in your life and expect it to continue. You can’t change anyone else but yourself. Maintain a focus of realistic optimism. Don’t be afraid to talk to your husband—he is an ally.

To submit problems, contact Juanita Sanchez, psychotherapist, by email at [email protected] or through High Plains Journal.