New company links genetic evaluation, reproduction technologies into one process

Vytelle and GrowSafe Systems Ltd., Kansas City, Missouri, have combined their companies with the aim of accelerating genetic advances in bovine technology.

The companies will operate as a single precision livestock company under the Vytelle Brand to drive the mission to meet the global demands for producing more high-quality protein, more sustainably, with more profit potential for cattle producers.

Both companies are owned by UK-based Wheatsheaf Group.

“By uniting two of the most forward-thinking businesses in the cattle industry, we will help ensure that meat and milk are available and competitive food choices for generations to come,” said Alan Barton, operating advisor for Wheatsheaf Group and chairman of the board for Vytelle.

Kerryann Kocher was named Vytelle’s new CEO, bringing decades of experience in animal health, feed ingredients and protein production to the company.

“With the world literally hungry for protein and the recognition that our industry must meet rising food demand while reducing resource intensity, there is a clear need to integrate precision livestock technologies and support our customers in their production of sustainably sources meat and milk,” Kocher said.

With the combined capabilities of the new Vytelle, cattle producers will be able convert individual animal performance data into genetic progress faster than ever before. Linking genetic insights available only through GrowSafe’s proprietary efficiency database with breakthrough IVF technology, Vytelle’s customers around the world will be able to shorten the interval between elite animal identification and optimal marketing of those genetics within the beef and dairy value streams.