T&L Irrigation Company offers Precision Mobile Drip Irrigation

T&L Irrigation Company’s Precision Mobile Drip Irrigation technology combines the benefits of T-L’s hydrostatically powered center pivot irrigation systems with the efficiency of drip irrigation for total water efficiency that approaches 95%.

“Universally available for all new or used pivot or linear irrigation systems, PMDI features in-line driplines spaced at 60-inch intervals that are pulled through the field by a center pivot or lateral move irrigation system,” said Dave Thom, company president, noting that lines can also be spaced at 30- or 40-inch intervals. “As the hoses are pulled behind the system, emitters, spaced every six inches, deliver an even water pattern across the full length of the pivot or linear system.”

The technology, from the Hastings, Nebraska-based company, provides a water-saving solution for customers who are faced with water restrictions or deficit irrigation. Because the drip lines do not put the water out in the air, the evaporation and wind drift associated with traditional sprinklers is virtually eliminated, putting more water directly onto the soil surface.

PMDI was first introduced and patented by T-L Irrigation some years ago and has been improved over the years to address the growing interest in water conservation related to drought and dropping water tables. For more information, see a dealer or visit www.tlirr.com.