Christmas is a time to reach out and help

I want each one of us to evaluate our own life particularly during the Christmas season and see if you are doing your part.

So many of us have plenty to eat and do not know what it is to be hungry. I am particularly brokenhearted to think of a kid being hungry. And if you claim to be a Christian what a better way to say something about God when you are giving them food that they desperately need. Give it some thought and I challenge every one of you to have each member of your family, regardless of age, to pick out a poor family and take them something.

Our family started that several years ago. It teaches your kids something that they need to carry on through life. And that thought is being thankful and giving. A good way to find families that need the extra help is to go to your local school and ask the administration for names of some families.

I promise you when you take your whole family to a house that needs it and it is the family your 3-year-old child is supposed to help and you ring the doorbell and all are standing there with the 3-year-old in front hold the 10 pounds of hamburger or whatever. I promise you it will be something that your child never forgets.

As bad as I hate snow, the snow we received was nice and I guess I say it was nice because it is warming up this week. There was a wide strip of about 30 miles or so wide that got a lot more snow.

A young gal was speeding through Slapout when our local highway patrolman stopped her. She was trying to get out of a ticket so she said, “I have never been stopped like this before.” The officer said, “How do they normally stop you? Shoot out your tires?”

I have cut a bunch of trees since the first of the year. In fact, I have cut down 112 trees. I know that number is about right cause I have been keeping it in a logbook.

At home our local banker and the local lawyer were standing in front of the bank talking when all of a sudden a rattlesnake crawled in front of them. One man hollered and said, “You guys better watch out!” Another ole cowboy said, “They don’t need to worry. He won’t bite them out of professional courtesy.”

Editor’s note: Jerry Nine, Woodward, Oklahoma, is a lifetime cattleman who grew up on his family’s ranch near Slapout, Oklahoma.