Insurance commissioner improves processes and connects job seekers to employers

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Too often, government is an impediment to economic growth and job creation, through burdensome regulation and unnecessary red tape. I do not believe that is how government should work and I am proud of the steps we are taking at the Insurance Department to help partner with the private sector to better serve Kansans. COVID-19 has been tough on our economy and even more difficult on those looking for work. One thing we discovered during this pandemic is an increased number of Kansans applying for an insurance license who have not already found employment at a company or an agency. While not always the case, it is customary for someone to find employment and then seek a license. During the shutdown, Kansans without work have been resourceful and have spent time working to better themselves, finding new opportunities in the insurance industry. COVID may have us down, but the hardworking spirit of Kansans can certainly not be counted out. For our part at the Department, we have updated our correspondence with those receiving their license to include a link to the Company and Agency search on our website to help them identify those that might be hiring in their area. In addition, we have provided links to industry associations that may also provide job postings for their membership all across the state. This small change at the Department could have a big impact on a Kansas family looking to get back on their feet, a small business looking to expand, a college student looking for a new opportunity or a company looking to hire. Government can work and it is up to us to hold it accountable. Election season was a perfect reminder that some think government should do more and some think government should do less. But, at the end of the day, government should be doing right by the people it serves. It should not be an obstacle, but rather a partner in success. It is an honor to serve you and your family as Insurance Commissioner. If there is something you think can work better or would help other Kansans have a better experience, please share it with me at [email protected].

—Vicki Schmidt is commissioner of the Kansas Insurance Department.