Note from the former publisher

High Plains Journal deserves a special kind of person to have as its publisher. It needs someone who can effectively communicate, listen to and recognize the needs of both readers and advertisers, and work with our HPJ team to meet and exceed those needs. The right person has to be a tireless advocate for improving upon the lives and success of farmers and ranchers.

I’m very happy to say that we found the perfect person.

Zac Stuckey has farming in his blood. His grandfather, father, brother-in-laws, cousins and friends all make their living farming. He was raised on a large, diversified farm in Kansas and to this day lends a hand during harvest. Today, he and his wife even own a farm adjacent to where he was raised.

But understanding one trade doesn’t always transition to another. The work ethic might, but not necessarily the skills. Fortunately, Zac has all of the right skills and the eagerness to constantly learn and sharpen those skills. With an impressive resume in sales leadership positions, a dual degree in marketing and business management from Kansas State University and a master’s from Wichita State University, he knows how to give our customers what they need. He is both homegrown and self-made in his current career. Zac worked through college, paying his own way, and did so while excelling at sports and still returning to lend a hand at harvest.

Zac has proven his passion for agriculture and his community. While he and his wife raise three terrific kids, he finds the time to be an active member of his church, serve on local boards, volunteer with 4-H and coach countless baseball, basketball and football teams.

Another great quality of a publisher or any leader for that matter is humility. In the nearly three years I have worked with Zac I never did understand how much success he has already had in life. I had to pry these details from him. He is not the one to brag, so I’m taking the liberty of doing it for him. And I’m doing it because High Plains Journal readers and customers deserve to know the type of person that they are getting in Zac. You are in very good hands!

While I will no longer be publisher, I will be involved with High Plains Journal for many years to come. I fully expect to be sitting back and watching a true professional at everything he does and a natural born leader who will lift HPJ to new heights.

Please join me in welcoming Zac Stuckey as the new publisher of High Plains Journal.