Helpful household hints

Cheap toy storage

A reader writes, “My grandson turned 4 this past week and, of course, got a pile of new toys. His parents were wondering just where they were going to stash all the toys where he could still get to them. He opened his last gift from his aunt and it was a wastebasket. She told him that he is now a big boy and can put his toys away by himself. So far, so good. He is so proud of himself that he can take care of his own stuff."

Save that foil

Instead of tossing that piece of foil that you had over the casserole dish last night, wash it up, let it dry and then put it in a container or plastic bag. The next time you need some, go through the bag and find a piece that fits. It saves you money and there is less trash to put in the garbage.

Avoid repotting mess

Save some small fabric scraps before you pot up your plants for winter. Put a couple of the pieces in the bottom of the flowerpot before adding soil. The fabric keeps the dirt from leaking out onto the planter saucer and making yet another mess to clean up.

Crickets be gone

Our home has been overrun by crickets. We spray often but they always come back. A friend of my husbands at work told him to get some mothballs and put them by the doors that go into our house. We have enclosed porches at all three entrances so we tried it and it works. We did cover the mothballs with some pieces of wood shingle set at a slant so the crickets could find but the cats could not. We are now thankfully cricket free.

Quick floor clean

Can’t move that heavy furniture? Wrap a damp rag around a broomstick or even a yardstick, take the rag part—I hold mine on with a rubber band—and give it a good swipe and run it under that couch or heavy chair and all that dust and ‘stuff’ will come right out. Easy clean.

Free pillow stuffings

A friend gave me a big pillow for the children to use while riding in the car. She used old nylon hose she got at a flea market for the stuffing. It is easy to wash and cheap.

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