Ag drives South Dakota’s economy

The Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources in cooperation with AgUnited for South Dakota, South Dakota Dairy Producers, South Dakota Corn Utilization Council, Central Plains Dairy Foundation, and East River Electric Power Cooperative have released an economic contribution study of South Dakota Agriculture.

“This study confirms the resiliency of agriculture related industries in South Dakota,” said DANR secretary Hunter Roberts. “Over the past few years, we have seen floods, a pandemic, and now drought. The continued success of the industry is a testament to the hard-working farmers and ranchers in South Dakota.”

Based on the study agriculture, forestry, and related industries contribute:

• $32.1 billion to South Dakota’s economy, which is 29.3% of South Dakota’s total economic output.

• 129,753 jobs in South Dakota which is 21.1% of all jobs in South Dakota.

• $11.7 billion in total value added including $5.6 billion from livestock production, $3.3 billion from corn production, $2 billion from other agriculture industries, and $860 million from forestry production.

The study was prepared by Decision Innovation Solutions.

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