Online marketplace opens opportunities for growers to improve ROI

Finding ways to save money is top of mind for farmers. Facing high input costs and expected supply chain delays for months to come, every purchase decision has become that much more important this year.

Farmers should be looking for ways to get more value from every purchase they make on the farm—keeping in mind that value goes far beyond price.

As a farmer himself, Wade Barnes, CEO and founder of Farmers Edge, said that value was the motivation behind acquiring—an online marketplace for farmers—earlier this year. works directly with local retailers and suppliers to provide farmers with more options and added value on their purchases. Farmers can order a broad range of high-quality agricultural inputs and products from the comfort of their farm and choose how they want to receive their purchases: direct delivery or pick-up from local fulfillment centers. With the biggest sale of the year beginning on Nov. 15, farmers can view transparent pricing on the products they need in real-time to make more informed decisions.

Barnes commented, “This isn’t just an online agricultural store, this is the next step in providing deeper connectivity across the digital ecosystem to help farmers boost ROI on the farm. Decisions should be guided by data, and by Farmers Edge can help farmers do just that. Our goal is to provide farmers with the highest level of value, which is why in addition to lower prices, we’re providing access to our leading digital solution to optimize their investment. We provide a complimentary suite of tools to help farmers monitor their crops, make better management decisions and measure results to support future purchase decisions. Additionally, we’re working closely with local retailers and suppliers to combat one of the biggest barriers that Silicon Valley online shopping didn’t address—the need for timely delivery.”

For many growers, staying profitable feels like a steeper hill to climb next season. Though it may seem small on the surface, buying agricultural inputs online can bring a wealth of additional benefits that impact ROI on the farm. stocks everything from seed, fertilizer, and crop protection products to oil, lubricants, and precision agricultural services—all in one place—making accessing the supplies farmers need faster and easier. In addition, farmers who choose to create a free membership on the site will gain access to a variety of value-packed incentives and benefits, including a $250 coupon to use toward their first purchase.

The time savings alone of not having to send emails, leave voicemails and playing phone tag are huge, not to mention the actual work of tracking down the right person for information or a quote. For farmers who do not live near brick-and-mortar retailers, travel time becomes a time- and cost-savings opportunity. Barnes added, “Farmers are no different than any other consumer. They use their smartphones to get the information they need. Why wouldn’t they use that technology to buy what they need for their farm? We’ve learned through the pandemic that safe, convenient shopping has become more and more attractive to farmers of all ages.”

The global pandemic will have supply chain challenges for many months to come, and rural communities have been struggling to keep people shopping and supporting local businesses. With, farmers can save time by shopping online while still supporting local.

Farmers can access big savings by securing their farm supplies early. To browse products on sale now and get more value from your purchases, visit