Headlines we’d like to see

Dave Bergmeier

The year 2021 went by quickly and with all the disruptions it did not make it any easier on farmers, ranchers and rural communities.

As the year finished many farmers and ranchers—while pleased overall with the market prices across the board—will face another set of challenges with the most pressing being higher fertilizer and fuel costs. The pencil and paper that was needed at this time a year ago needs to be kept nearby for 2022.

Interest rates may creep up as the Fed tries to wrap its arms around inflationary figures that are now at a rate not seen in decades. The latest COVID-19 variant—Omicron—is a reminder coronavirus will continue to be a topic of conversation.

The past two years have been difficult on many fronts—the pandemic, shutdown and now inflation—have challenged all headline writers to stay focused on the positive. Those of us in agriculture have also felt the pain of supply chain disruption and Mother Nature’s unpredictable bite.

The tradition of writing about headlines we’d like to see is one that has existed in the publications industry for many years. The tradition is similar to what many readers do when they contemplate new year’s resolutions. Like resolutions with much good intent there is also an acceptance that not all will be accomplished.

Still, as we look ahead to the rest of 2022, we should always embrace new opportunities with a sense of optimism. Hopefully some of these thoughts as summarized in these headlines will generate a smile and boost your sense of optimism.

• WOTUS goes away for good;

• All sectors of beef industry have profitable year;

• Plentiful moisture lifts entire HPJ production region;

• Pastures restored thanks to timely snow, rain;

• EPA agrees to up renewable fuels commitment;

• Congressional leaders turn down harsh rhetoric;

• Broadband expansion rapidly closes rural-urban gap;

• Studies indicate rural families like where they are today;

• More farm families than ever developing transition plans;

• Fertilizer expenses stop upward trend;

• China continues commitment to buy U.S. commodities;

• Record exports found across the board;

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• Supply chain disruptions end at the ports;

• Shipping containers keep trade and goods flowing at brisk pace;

• Extension and research see greater commitment of dollars;

• 4-H and FFA programs see renaissance in enrollment;

• Drive to improve community art stays strong;

• Inflation subsides, returns to under 3%;

• National Weather Service reports record low in deadly tornadoes, storms;

• Cure for COVID found; and

• Kansas City Royals win the World Series (I can always dream).

As always we encourage each of you to write your own headlines with a sense of humor and a strong dose of optimism because that is in the best spirit of living in the High Plains.

Dave Bergmeier can be reached at 620-227-1822 or [email protected].