High Plains Journal moves office location

High Plains Journal, after selling its property at 1500 E. Wyatt Earp Boulevard in 2021, has moved to a new Dodge City address. Now, HPJ calls 11142 Kliesen Street its home.

According to Publisher Zac Stuckey, it was important to remain in Dodge City.

“HPJ’s history extends nearly as far back as Dodge City itself,” he said. “We have talented employees in the area, and although our audience extends around the world, we take special pride in serving local and rural communities in the High Plains. Dodge City remains the center of our coverage area and is an important hub for agriculture and the essential markets both crop producers and cattlemen serve.

“Our heritage is important to us, and it will forever lead back to Dodge.”

Since 1876, High Plains Journal and its predecessors have been based in Dodge City. Joe Berkely, Nix C. Petersen, Herbert Etrick, Ross Hogue and Jim Williams started Journal, Inc., in 1945 after acquiring Dodge City Journal. Recognizing the opportunity to deliver agricultural news to farmers and ranchers across the Plains and beyond, Dodge City Journal was renamed High Plains Journal in 1949 and became known as the “The Farmer’s Paper.”

It grew to be one of the largest agricultural publications by paid circulation in America. Publishers have included Joe Berkely, Duane Ross, Tom Taylor, Holly Martin, Nelson Spencer Jr. and Zac Stuckey. High Plains Journal has continued to grow and evolve, now offering digital media, marketing services and events to complement its weekly paper.

High Plains Journal is excited to remain in Dodge City and continue to provide opportunity for current and future employees.