Yellow wheat could be sign of sulfur deficiency

In this video from K-State Research and Extension, agronomist Dorivar Ruiz Diaz explains reasons for yellowing in wheat and options available to producers.

“One of the factors that might be contributing to yellow wheat this time of year is sulfur deficiency,” Ruiz Diaz said. “Often times we tend to confuse sulfur deficiency with nitrogen deficiency because of the similarities we see in symptoms.”

But, he notes, there are key differences.

“Nitrogen deficiency tends to be indicated by chlorosis (or yellow leaves) in the lower part of the canopy. In the case of sulfur deficiency, that tends to happen in the upper leaves.”

Ruiz Diaz said producers can apply sulfur now to recover the crop’s yield potential. However, sulfur needs to be “immediately available,” or in sulfate form. Some options, he notes, include liquid fertilizers containing thiosulfate, or dry fertilizers containing ammonium sulfate.