KLA, KBC to celebrate beef during the month Of May

As the weather warms, people fire up their grills and reach for mouth-watering steaks and real beef burgers. In doing so, they are supporting a beef community that positively contributes to the environmental, economic and nutritional well-being of Kansas. Recognizing the substantial importance of this community to the state, Gov. Laura Kelly has declared May as Beef Month. The governor plans to officially sign the proclamation at Lyons Ranch near Manhattan in the coming weeks.

Kansas Livestock Association and the Kansas Beef Council will be making Kansas residents aware of the hard work producers put in each day to provide high-quality beef to consumers within the state and around the world.

Members of KLA will be highlighted on the association’s Facebook page on various days throughout the month to give a glimpse into life on a ranch, in a feedyard, at an auction market and in a small meat processing facility. KLA and KBC staff also will be distributing information about the positive impacts the Kansas beef industry has on the environment, local communities and the state’s economy.

Some of the facts that will be highlighted include how the state ranks nationally in various cattle and beef production categories, how cattle upcycle plant forage into human-edible protein and how beef fits into a healthy diet. Members are encouraged to share these messages to help reach as many people as possible.