Colorado State Fair generates $55.5M in 2021

The Colorado State Fair Authority released a new economic impact report detailing specifics of the fair’s contributions to Pueblo’s economy. In 2021, the 11 days of the State Fair generated $43.7 million in total output, which supported 506 total jobs and $14.9 million in total earnings in Pueblo County. In addition, non-fair activity in 2021 generated $11.8 million in total output which supported 106 total jobs and $4.3 million in total earnings in the county.

Together, State Fair and non-fair activities combined were estimated to generate approximately $55.5 million in total output (i.e., direct, indirect and induced spending), which supported 612 total jobs and $19.2 million in total earnings in the County. This economic activity was estimated to generate tax revenues of approximately $1.5 million in the City of Pueblo, $344,000 in Pueblo County, and $2.5 million in the State of Colorado, for a total of approximately $4,371,000.

When calculating the direct, indirect, and induced spending, it’s estimated the Colorado State Fair generated $1.43 for every $1 of direct spending associated with overall operations in 2021.

The Colorado State Fair is an annual event that lasts for 11 days, ending on Labor Day each year. Celebrating the agricultural industry and the people and culture of Colorado, the Fair hires more than 400 seasonal and temporary employees and entertains visitors with fine arts, horse, small animal, and livestock shows, exhibits and competitions, along with attractions and entertainment such as the carnival, musical events, and others.

In non-fair times, the Fairgrounds host a variety of events. In 2021, the Fairgrounds hosted a total of 291 non-Fair events, which included 4-H activities, community events, COVID-19 testing sites, horse shows, music concerts, sporting events, RV rallies, meetings, community events, and other community gatherings.