Adjuvant precisely targets herbicide application

Kugler Company, McCook, Nebraska, has introduced Green Reaper as an adjuvant that is the perfect carrier to deliver herbicides onto the leaf surface and into the bloodline of targeted weeds and is especially effective on resistant weed strains.

Green Reaper is a non-ionic adjuvant that extends the ability of the product to stay on the leaf for an extended period of time. This dynamically improves the ability to penetrate the leaf’s surface for an enhanced penetration and a complete kill. In field trials Green Reaper along with glyphosate has shown the ability to kill weeds in as little as five days in proper weather conditions. Green Reaper mixes quickly and easily with any herbicide, fungicide or insecticide at recommended rates.

Among its benefits are it can be utilized on any crop; enhances drift control properties; effective within hour of application; effective on resistant weeds; excellent surfactant; increases chemical effectiveness; non-ionic polymer; and contains no oils or solvents.

The company recommends performing a jar test when mixing with any pesticides and any fertilizers. It is impossible to eliminate all the risk involved with application of this product. Use adequate volume for good coverage.

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