Election Day is getting near and with it should come expectations

Dave Bergmeier

While we are a month out from the November mid-term election, it should make us all pause to think about what’s on the line.

Philosophically voters are a fickle bunch and that is so true in the High Plains where outcome predictors often are left with egg on their face. Endorsements do not mean as much as they once did in some circles, although they can help educate voters on important matters for the next two to six years.

Each election is important not only at the federal level but the state and local levels where governors, lawmakers, board members and commissioners have a greater say on how tax dollars are spent and how regulations are written and carried out.

High Plains Journal readers are engaged and want to see realistic solutions to real problems. They are not eager to address unrealistic solutions to fuzzy problems. That sage advice works well and we often wonder why our urban cousins cannot have a similar mindset. Every state has its own nuances and reasonable people can address matters of importance if they let cooler heads prevail.

As we try to look through a less than clear crystal ball about what the future may hold, regardless of the position being sought people need take the time to thank candidates for their willingness to step outside the box and put their hat in the ring. We hope the oft-paraphrased line “It’s OK to disagree but not to be disagreeable” takes hold not only in the final weeks of difficult campaigns but when people take their positions in places of power.

Much is at stake but there are many opportunities to make our local, state and federal governments work more efficiently and be more responsive. The best ideas almost always start at a local level where fingers are not pointed but instead people have a roll-up-your-sleeves approach to problem solving. It does require voters to go the extra mile, ask questions and be willing to accept answers without being disagreeable.

Elections are designed to bring out the best ideas and engaged candidates who can debate issues without being bashed as wrongheaded even if the perspective does not match our own belief. It can still happen but it starts with each voter and it takes time. Our expectation should be the best is yet to come if our motivation and mindset allows us to be there.

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