Resolution and resolve

With the holidays behind them farmers and ranchers are often asked if they have resolutions.

Those who write them down on a piece of paper often have the best chance of success—whether it is about eating healthier or taking off a few pounds.

Dave Bergmeier

Without resolve, resolutions are meaningless as we can all point to failures when the game plan drops off. Any number of factors can change but one thing we do know is that resolve can keep the motivation going when it is easy to pull back on the reins.

Stories about this upcoming year note the challenges of higher interest rates, more expensive fertilizer and fuel costs. Experts have already put producers on the clock that tighter margins will put pressure on bottom lines.

The silver lining is that producers can still make plans to have a successful 2023. The script for the 12 months ahead has only started and farmers and ranchers have time to adjust and make their operations more successful by focusing on efficiency.

The resolve to do so will make it necessary. Some of those ideas could include sharing a piece of equipment with a neighbor to experiment with a crop. Those producers who have considered sorghum, for example, may want to ask a neighbor or equipment dealer about options for a planter. They may need to refocus on the cattle herd to review records on culling a heifer or bull that is not going to provide the expected results.

They may also want to attend a producer’s school, whether it is a High Plains Journal U event or other educational opportunities that might share new information on research that can include more precisely applying fertilizer for targeted results.

We should also stress the importance of being a good listener. Today’s farmers and ranchers need a friendly ear and should not be afraid to ask a neighbor or family member questions that can help them find inner peace particularly in times of conflict.

The resolve to be a good listener should be at the top of everyone’s list, but it is not easy and the very nature of High Plains residents is to be private with their personal matters. But please take the time to listen and direct your neighbor to someone who can help him or her.

Resources are available when matters become complex and this year we will see many complexities and having a resolute mentality on multiple fronts will make a difference.

Dave Bergmeier can be reached at 620-227-1822 or [email protected].