HPJ’s 2024 Down Country Roads calendar contest ready for photos

Dave Bergmeier

High Plains Journal is calling on readers to have a keen eye and submit entries for our 2024 Down Country Roads calendar contest.

The contest opens at a time when people are enjoying the scenery whether it is on a farm operation or heading to visit relatives in rural areas. The landscape provides a wonderful canvas to enjoy and capture with a photo. This week’s cover story is by Amy Bickel and she writes about several agriculturally based festivals and serves as a reminder about the wonderful opportunities our region provides in connectivity and beauty.

Recent rains have helped ease drought conditions in some areas and that is welcome news for farmers and ranchers. It also opens up the eyes of photographers who can appreciate the green pastures and growing crops.

Over the years photographers have shown their imagination and creativity. Sharing those photographs with others is a catalyst to multi-generation conversations about the life and times of Plains life. Much of America remains relatively young in comparison to the East Coast and yet sometimes gets dismissed as the flyover country. We beg to differ.

Renowned professional photographers travel to the Midwest and High Plains to capture the authenticity of rural life. They share in our belief the open skies provide a sense of awe and appreciation for what God has provided us. In the hustle and bustle of urban communities the crunch for time unfortunately blocks out that perspective.

Every county in the 13-state region we distribute in has a unique chapter and one of the best ways to tell that story is through the lens of a photographer.

The Down Country Roads calendar contest illuminates what we like best about our expansive territory—it is our home.

The best photos tell a story and compel us to see the beauty in everyday life. With the opening of the contest, people can start submitting your digital photographs that reflect the beauty of rural America—crops, country landscapes, livestock, farm families and more.

For the contest, we will be looking for high-resolution digital photos with a landscape (horizontal) orientation, not a portrait (vertical) or square orientation. We’d love to see scenes that capture the beauty of rural life through all seasons.

More details about the contest, how to submit your digital photos, and last year’s winners can be found at hpj.com/calendar_contest.

We’re anxious to see your creativity and encourage you to not be bashful and be willing to share your photographs.

Dave Bergmeier can be reached at 620-227-1822 or [email protected].