Field Crop Insect Guide helps with identification, insect behavior and management

Grasshopper (Photo by Alice Whyte, Vilas, North Carolina.)

Crop farmers, agronomists and others who scout crops for insect injury can gain new insight through the latest version of Field Crop Insects.

First published in 2012, the latest edition became available in print from the Iowa State University Extension Store in July 2023.

Iowa State University Field Crop Insect Guide
Iowa State University Field Crop Insect Guide

Field Crop Insects provides detailed descriptions and photos of more than 50 pest and beneficial insects found in Iowa and information on insect life cycle, crop injury, scouting and management options.

“This new compendium has some important updates for field crop insects in Iowa,” said Erin Hodgson, professor in entomology and extension specialist in entomology at Iowa State. “It includes some new pests since the first edition and highlights common alfalfa pests now, too. It is a valuable resource for new farmers and agronomists, and for those who regularly scout crops.”

Insect pests reduce yields in Iowa’s crop fields every year and are responsible for grain, seed and forage quality reductions.

Many insects injure multiple field crops, and the choices made during one season can impact losses during future seasons.

Important interactions exist among insect pests, plant pathogens and weeds. New technologies are continually emerging, and insect genetics, behavior and distribution can change over time. Therefore, looking at insect issues from a holistic viewpoint is important, considering both short-term pest management needs and long-term farm resiliency.

“Field Crop Insects provides a practical and informative look at the different kinds of insects Iowa’s farmers encounter,” said Adam Sisson, Extension specialist with the Integrated Pest Management program at Iowa State. “We explain how to identify insect pests, and then we provide further information about insect behavior, scouting and management basics when applicable.”

The publication can be purchased in single copy printed editions for $8, digital pdfs for $5 or bundles of 25 printed copies for $6 per copy at

Development of this guide was supported by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, Iowa State University Integrated Pest Management Program and the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture.