Sunflower markets

Sunflowers (Photo courtesy of Amberlyn Brown.)

Nearby and new crop prices have remained unchanged at the crush plants for the past two weeks.

U.S. Department of Agriculture has released its latest estimate of the 2023 U.S. sunflower crop with production decreasing from last year. According to USDA, 2023 sunflower production totaled 2.26 billion pounds, down 19% from 2022.

The United States average yield of 1,786 pounds per acre increased 30 pounds from 2022. Planted area, at 1.32 million acres, was 22% below the previous year.

Area harvested decreased 21% from 2022 to 1.27 million acres. USDA estimated United States production of oil-type sunflower varieties, at 1.97 billion pounds, representing a decrease of 23% from 2022. Compared with last year, harvested acres were down 23% but the average yield increased by 2 pounds to 1,747 pounds per acre and represents the second highest yield on record for the U.S. 

Production of non-oil sunflower varieties was estimated at 297 million pounds, an increase of 23% from 2022. Area harvested, at 142,000 acres, was up 11% from 2022. The average yield increased by 206 pounds from 2022 to a new record high 2,090 pounds per acre.

In its grain stocks report, USDA lowered old crop non-oil sunflower stocks in all positions by 1.3 million pounds from its September grain stocks report. Old crop oil-type sunflower stocks were left unchanged. Traders will continue to digest these figures and set market direction in the weeks ahead