When to say when

Juanita Sanchez - "Problem"


I think I have a problem with my drinking. I used to have a glass of wine with dinner and then it seemed to be a good idea to have a glass or two every day. I was more stressed with work, and it seemed to take the edge off. I have now found that I am putting alcohol into my grocery budget for the month. My husband has not said a thing about my drinking except when we are out he asks me to watch out for my drinking. When we’re with friends no one would notice my drinking as they all drink. 

Here’s the deal for me, I am used to using alcohol as a go to, instead of facing my life.  It is easier to have a drink instead of thinking about what is not working in my life.  I have tried to cut back but it seems to be so easily available. 


It sounds like you have built a habit for yourself based on what you have said so far. People develop problems with all kinds of substances and behaviors. Many of these habits and behaviors turn into addictions. You did not mention that you think you may be an alcoholic. 

If you think that you have a problem, you could talk to a person who specializes in the treatment of addictions. The fact you feel that you have a problem is significant enough to take a strong look, perhaps seek counseling and possibly quit using alcohol as a way to address your life. 

Because you do seem to have the insight to know that you’re going down a road that could have some bad consequences, you could just not have a wine budget. If you do not buy it surely you can’t drink it in your home. 

Drinking everyday seems to be a problem. Not dealing with your life as it is a problem. You can’t find a solution while ignoring the problems that are there.  

Talk to someone who knows how to address your issues. You seem to want to look at the problem, but not make a choice to change it. 

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