NDEE to provide rebates for replacing diesel irrigation engines

Tractor in the field. (Courtesy photo.)

Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy Interim Director Thad Fineran announced on April 18 that the 2023 Nebraska Clean Diesel Program is awarding approximately $599,000 in rebates to 31 farmers across the state to aid in replacing diesel irrigation engines with electric motors.

The diesel engines being replaced must be scrapped in order to eliminate their pollutant emissions. Nitrogen oxides emitted by diesel engines can have direct adverse effects on respiratory health as well as contribute to the formation of harmful ground-level ozone, NDEE said.

The projects in this year’s program are expected to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by more than 10 tons annually.

Nebraska’s Clean Diesel Program is funded by an annual grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. NDEE’s web page for the Clean Diesel Program is at http://dee.ne.gov/NDEQProg.nsf/OnWeb/NCDGP.