Preparing a freshly dug flower bed for planting in a garden with fork and wheelbarrow (Photo: iStock - PaulMaguire)

Four tips to creating the perfect garden plan

A directly above view of a small garden pond attached to a waterfall form part of this water feature in this formal garden surrounded by slabs of sandstone and lush foliage of bushes and trees. (Photo: iStock - Elmar Langle)

Adding a waterscape could improve your garden space

A quick soil test can provide gardeners with vital information about the quality of the soil in their landscape. (Photo by Mitchell Alcala, OSU Agriculture)

Conduct soil test now ahead of spring planting

Various gardening tools in the garden (Photo: iStock - Santje09)

February Pre-gardening Checklist

Freeze damaged trees may not make it after this latest cold snap, but homeowners should give high-value plants a chance to recover before removing them. ‘Looking dead’ is not necessarily dead in many cases. (Texas A&M AgriLife photo by Courtney Sacco)
Woman removing weeds from her garden (Photo: iStock - lucentius)
Some colorful watering cans covered with snow (Photo: iStock - Brinja Schmidt)

Even in winter, gardens need water

Muscari bulbs in a flower border covered in snow (Photo: iStock - PaulMaguire)

Cold? Snow? No matter to gardeners