Gardener pruning fruit tree brunches with pruning shears (Photo: iStock - ueuaphoto)
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A quick soil test can provide gardeners with vital information about the quality of the soil in their landscape. (Photo by Mitchell Alcala, OSU Agriculture)

Conduct soil test now ahead of spring planting

Some colorful watering cans covered with snow (Photo: iStock - Brinja Schmidt)

Even in winter, gardens need water

The Terry Peach North Canadian Watershed Restoration Act was signed into Oklahoma law on Oct. 27 and provides funding for Eastern red cedar trees along the North Canadian Basin. (Journal photo by Lacey Vilhauer.)
Neatening up the lawn in autumn or fall using a lawnmower to cut and bag the grass and dead leaves under trees alongside the road (Photo: iStock - Ozgur Coskun)
(Photo courtesy of K-State Research and Extension.)

Five mistakes to avoid when planting a tree

(Photo by Michael Miller, Texas A&M AgriLife.)