Millet could be upgraded from a ‘feed grain’

While Colorado is the top producer of millet in the U.S., millet may not leap to mind when you think of what farmers on the eastern plains are growing. CDA and some Colorado farmers are working to change that. Commissioner of Agriculture Don Brown will be supporting legislation to allow a referendum of millet growers to determine if there is support for a Millet Marketing Order. Millet is currently excluded from forming a market order because it is considered a “feed grain” under the Marketing Act of 1939. This year’s legislation would specifically include millet in the Act. The recently-formed High Plains Millet Association has requested this legislation.

Colorado currently has eight market orders: wheat, corn, potato (San Luis Valley), potato (Greeley area), sunflower, sweet corn, dry bean and milk. If you are a millet grower and would like to be kept informed on the status of legislation and possible referendum, or if you have any questions please contact Glenda Mostek at 303-869-9173 or [email protected].