The American Harvest

Hey, good morning, we better get to work.

As they say, time is money.

Harvest is finally here and we’re so glad

But when it’s over we won’t be sad.

We’ve got a beautiful day for harvesting.

Combine dust is flying in the breeze.

Two-way talk is keeping everyone at ease.

The trucker’s special today is load and go

We are working hours of hard labor

with no guarantees, don’t you know.

We gotta keep on working

‘til it’s time to shut down.

We’ll fill the trucks up for the night

after the elevator closes in town.

We’re walking the tight rope between risk and reward.

We often have to take time to thank the good Lord.

Business is about again and again coming back.

We’ve got three generations in this field

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and they know how to stay on track

So we gotta keep the big wheels rockin’ and rollin’.

We invest and spend a lot of time on a maybe,

Money is on the line and, of course, there is rain coming, baby.

Weather’s gonna strike and put a wrench in our plans.

Opportunity comes with risk but we know it’s in God’s hands.

It’s the age-old cycle of the American harvest,

We are up before the sun and we gotta work the hardest

In order to get the job done, timing is everything.

I believe in hope and the changes it can bring

Come fall, winter, summer or spring.

We gotta work all year; we just hope we end up with some money.

Year after year of harvesting, with no rest in sight,

you’ve got to learn to be funny.

What you’re born with is what you get.

I love the sight of a harvest sunset.

We know the importance of keeping the world fed.

We’re motivated to win, like we haven’t won yet

And these are the days we’ll never forget.