Steward EC insecticide controls Western corn rootworm

Steward EC insecticide has a mode of action shown to be effective in controlling Western corn rootworm adults in field trials. At high infestation levels, adult beetles can cause damage by feeding on silks, which effects pollination and seed set. Corn growers have a new option for protecting input investments from resistant Western corn rootworm beetles. Steward EC insecticide from FMC, Philadelphia, has now received registration approval for use in field corn from the Environmental Protection Agency. State registrations for Steward EC insecticide for use on field corn are pending. This new addition to comprehensive integrated pest management programs effectively controls yield-robbing WCR beetles and other lepidopteran pests. By working through ingestion and contact activity, Steward EC insecticide provides fast-acting protection within four hours of ingestion to prevent impact on yields from reduced pollination because of silk clipping. It is also easy on beneficial mites and insects, preventing flares from spider mites and other insects. For more information, see a representative or visit