With nice weather stop stalling and start exercising

Yes, it is nice to have the warmer weather finally. If the weather has been hindering you from exercising, here are some solutions to get you out and enjoying the weather and enjoying the sunshine.

1. You don’t have to revisit gym class. Studies show that lifestyle activities are just as effective as structured exercise programs in improving fitness. So walk the dog, do yard work, run up and down the stairs, or dance to your favorite song. It all counts as exercise.

2. If you can’t find 30 minutes in a row, break it up. Three 10-minutes exercise bursts are just as effective, if you keep your heart rate up during each stint.

3. Yes, it’s hard to get out of that chair. But if you do exercise regularly, you’ll actually feel less tired and have more energy. Studies show you’ll sleep better, too.

4. By not exercising, you are at risk for heart disease. An inactive lifestyle also increases your risk for diabetes, high blood pressure and colon cancer.

5. Is most of that errand time spent in the car? What about your stress level? Exercise helps you feel better mentally as well as physically. So try to give yourself some “me” time most days to do an activity you enjoy.

6. Even people who start exercising later in life can reduce their risk for disease and reap the big benefits of regular exercise. It can improve arthritis symptoms and decrease your risk for falls and fractures. Talk with your doctor before you get started. Ask for help in designing a physical activity program that’s right for you.