Team Beef in the Northeast

A longstanding program supported by the beef checkoff designed to build advocates for beef, a Long-Range Plan strategic initiative, is the Team Beef program. Team Beef is a national program that is coordinated at the grassroots level, either within the state under the direction of state beef councils or the region, which is the case in the Northeast region. Over the years, Team Beef members from all over the country have been assembled to run in large Northeast-based road races such as the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C., and the Boston Marathon in Boston, Massachusetts. Groups as large as 30 to 40 Team Beef members raced in these large, prestigious races, advocating the power of beef as a source of protein and essential nutrients in the diet of athletes. This past spring, David Roy, a cattle farmer from Schohaire, New York, raced in the Boston Marathon with his son and finished faster than his goal finish time, despite the miserable weather conditions.

A core group of Northeast-based beef advocates proudly wearing the Team Beef jersey was assembled at the start of 2018 to amplify the positive beef story every time they hit the roads in the Northeast region. The Northeast Team Beef is a group of beef loving fitness enthusiasts. These athletes are committed to living active, healthy lifestyles and are dedicated to serving their community and helping others lead healthier lives.

The inaugural Northeast Team Beef has been capped at 19 members for fiscal year 2017-2018 and they hail from Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. The team is made up of animal agriculture industry professionals as well as health, fitness and medical professionals. These members have been and will continue to sport their Team Beef jersey in over 50 Northeast-based races during the 2018 racing year. Additionally, members are being engaged throughout the year via monthly educational newsletters, a May webinar and a 6-month Prime Cuts incentive contest designed to encourage completion of various beef educational activities, including but not limited to the Masters of Beef Advocacy Program.

Ashley Sears Randle of South Deerfield, Massachusetts, and the Member Services Director with the Northeast Dairy Producers Association knows the value of beef in her diet as a marathoner.

“From distance running to eating a well-balanced diet, beef plays an important role in my diet as a recovery source of lean protein. Growing up on a dairy farm, I was accustomed to weekly dinners that featured beef as the main dish. As I attended college and later entered the work force, I incorporated beef into my diet to provide energy, lean protein and iron. Once I got into distance running and fitness, I quickly learned the importance of good nutrition to improve my performance and beef has helped me to achieve that.”

Christie Brown, director of marketing with the Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff Program commented, “The passion, enthusiasm and dedication of the Northeast Team Beef members is really inspiring. Not only do they recognize and appreciate the value of beef in their diet as athletes, but they are proud to share that information with other runners and promote beef and the industry.”

Rachel Tambling of Hartford, Connecticut, and University of Connecticut professor, track and field coach, spinning and yoga instructor and proud granddaughter of a cattleman, shares about the role of beef in her diet. “Beef is not only an important component of the diet of a runner, but the perfect lean protein for athletes. One of the keys to success as a runner is a proper diet that supports the caloric and nutrient needs of the runner. All endurance athletes need delicious, filling, nutrient-dense foods that are quick and easy to prepare. Offering lean protein rich in nutrients runners need like iron and zinc, beef is the perfect choice. Beef also offers the flavor variety athletes crave, with preparation options for every budget and taste. From filet on date night to meatloaf Sunday, beef offers great choices for every taste. Beef is easy to prepare and offers the rich, satisfying taste runners love and the protein, vitamins, and minerals runners need. Athletes can be confident that, when they’re choosing beef, they’re choosing a lean protein that offers nutrition to support an active lifestyle.”

For more information about the beef checkoff’s presence in the Northeast region, check out the NortheastLovesBeef Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages. For more information, visit or