How will we feed 10 billion people by 2050?

We are facing one of the biggest challenges of our time: How will we feed 10 billion people by 2050? We need the best and brightest scientists working on solutions to help us make nutritious food accessible to all. FFAR is sponsoring a new competition led by the XPRIZE Foundation to address food systems, nutrition and environmental stewardship in agriculture.

The 2018 Visioneering Prize-Design Challenge will give teams across the world a chance to weigh in on approaches to sustainably feeding the world’s growing population. The XPRIZE Foundation is organizing the competition in partnership with HeroX to crowdsource innovative ideas to compete for cash prizes, a trip to the Visioneering 2018 event, and the chance to help develop the next XPRIZE. Submit your ideas by July 23.

This competition is co-sponsored by the Tony Robbins Foundation.

Feeding the Next Billion is one of five grand challenges involved in the 2018 Visioneering Prize-Design Challenge. Other challenges are:

• Off-grid energy for the developing world;

• Saving coral reefs;

• Disaster prediction; and

• Lifting farmers out of poverty.

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