Company announces added compatibility with planter row units

Precision Planting, LLC, Tremont, Illinois, has announced the Keeton Seed Firmer, FurrowJet and SmartFirmer products are now compatible with John Deere ExactEmerge row units. There are additional upgrades and compatibilities for its technologies that help farmers improve seed placement and stand establishment.

“Precision Planting’s practical and effective precision ag technologies are now available in more crops and on more brands of planters to help make farmers smarter every season,” said Bryce Baker, integrated marketing lead. “Farmers with ExactEmerge row units have enjoyed using 20-/20, DeltaForce and vApplyHD products. With the technology retrofits announced today, they can now put eyes inside each furrow, ensure optimum seed-to-soil contact and precisely place starter fertilizer. The planter already sitting in the shed, whether it be newly purchased or several years old, is capable of more than you can imagine.”

Other new compatibilities available this fall for spring 2019 include SeederForce that automatically controls down force on every row unit of an air-seeder. The original version of the technology controlled sections of the seeder. Now, each row unit can get the weight it needs, maximizing control of down force across the planter and maintaining correct planting depth.

The SpeedTube delivery system, which enables accurate seed spacing at any speed, is now available for cotton and sugar beet crops. Even at twice the normal planting speed, with the SpeedTube delivery system every seed arrives safely at the bottom of the trench, spaced evenly, every time.

The mSet multi-hybrid system is also now available in a John Deere mini-hopper configuration and Harvest International mini and 1.6-bushel hoppers. Using a single meter with a dual compartment hopper and a seed selector, the mSet system gives farmers the ability to plant two different hybrids in the same field as the planter passes through the varying soil profiles within the field. With multi-hybrid planting, producers can increase yield potential across the entire field.

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