AGCO introduces Fendt Momentum planter

AGCO Corporation, Duluth, Georgia, a worldwide manufacturer of agricultural equipment, has introduced the new Fendt Momentum planter to North American row crop producers. Fendt Momentum planter from AGCO is designed to consistently place every seed at the optimum depth and spacing while minimizing compaction and eliminating pinch rows. The design and versatility of this planter offer a new standard for seed placement accuracy and provide technologies to help overcome planting conditions that have historically challenged even emergence and resulted in less than optimum crop yields. SmartFrame innovations set this planter apart from other planting technologies in the market. Most notable is its vertical contouring toolbar, configuration and smart automated capability. The planter is made up of three independent, intelligent sections that operate automatically, ensuring the row units on each section maintain the ideal seeding depth. The planter’s patented sensor-controlled hydraulic system monitors the angle of the row-unit parallel arms to automatically adjust toolbar height, keeping the arms level and the row units properly engaged with the soil as ground conditions and terrain change. For more information, see a dealer or visit