Great Plains introduces PL5500 planter

Great Plains, Salina, Kansas, has introduced the PL5500—an eight-row planter that transports under 10-feet wide and easily fits in tight spaces. With its simple, wing-fold design, the PL5500 is designed for farmers who need a planter that is compact during transport. The PL5500 features a newly designed 5000 Series Row Unit and a new 5000 Series Air-Pro Meter. The meter has been re-engineered to include a 66 percent larger seed pool and simplified housing. With its simple, positive air pressure design, the 5000 Series Air-Pro Meter offers the precise singulation today’s customers need to achieve even emergence and maximum yields. Individual Row Control (IRC electric drive) is available for variable rate and row-by-row section control, ensuring equal seed spacing over a variety of terrain types. The PL5500 boasts a slim transport width of only 9 feet 9 inches, and only requires a 115-drawbar horsepower tractor (minimum), making it an ideal partner for a wide range of tractors. For farmers who want to apply liquid or dry fertilizer, coulters and dribblers are available to place fertilizer in furrow or two inches from the row. These American-made planters place seeds in 30-inch rows and are offered with a choice of 1.6-bushel or 3-bushel hoppers with shock-assisted lids. For more information, see a dealer or visit