The right market outlet needs discussion

There are several ideas floating around about what can be done about packer and retailer control.

One man said they were definitely interested in an outside investment group even if it didn’t mean to the extent of building a packing house that has great potential. The secret to an investment deal of that magnitude is having a 100 percent honest group or honesty at the upper level of those in control of the money. There was a small-scale, specialized beef company doing good and making progress until it started branching out more.

For a while everything was fine. The big boys were not concerned with them. Then all of a sudden they couldn’t get their beef unloaded at the port. Another incident with a different company was all of a sudden their large shipments were just accidentally contaminated with glass broken in the top part of the shipment contaminating the whole load.

I don’t want to be negative just realistic of some of the challenges when you try to take away the complete control they have on us.

Facebook has never caused the lame to walk but it definitely has caused the dumb to speak.

We have all been told that oatmeal is good for you. One husband died and went to heaven. The husband was amazed and couldn’t believe how everything was so perfect. Every morning he would play golf and several very good looking young woman were all around him flirting each taking turns handing him the perfect club to shoot with. He told his friend playing golf with him, “It kinda makes me mad at my wife. If she hadn’t insisted I eat oatmeal every morning I could have been up here 10 years ago.”

There was a farmer’s wife near our little town that was, to say the least, strong willed and sharp tongued. Two local farmers who also worked for Extension went to her house to test her water to see if it was safe to drink. The lady asked the two young men, “What happens if my water comes back bad and not safe to drink?” The one man spoke up very quick and said, “I guess you will have to move.” After the two men got in the pickup to leave the one man said to the other—“Why did you tell her she would have to move? There are several steps she could take to make her water safe.”

He said, “I told her that because it made me feel so good!”

Hope you have a great and blessed 2019.

Editor’s note: Jerry Nine, Woodward, Oklahoma, is a lifetime cattleman who grew up on his family’s ranch near Slapout, Oklahoma.