State-By-State Hay Summary

Colorado—On Jan. 9, compared to last week, hay trade activity and demand was light.

Iowa—On Jan. 7, prices on alfalfa, alfalfa/grass mix and grass was $15 to $25 per ton lower.

Kansas—On Jan. 14, the hay market trade is slow, demand was slow, and prices remain steady on limited test.

Missouri—On Jan. 9, the hay business continues to be pretty slow with the overall lack of winter weather thus far into the feeding season. The supply of hay is moderate to heavy, demand is light to moderate and prices are steady.

Montana—On Jan. 10, compared to the last report on Dec. 20, 2019, alfalfa hay was fully steady, with limited remaining supplies available for sale. Demand was moderate to good for all classes and grades this past week.

Nebraska—On Jan. 9, compared to last week, all baled hay, ground and delivered hay and alfalfa pellets sold steady. Demand was light this first full week of the New Year.

New Mexico—Hay reporting has ended for the season. Reports will resume May 2020.

Oklahoma—On Jan. 9, alfalfa and hay trade movement was light to moderate this week. Demand remains good as a much more warmer winter has been hampering the need for those that are starting to get get short this time of year. A steady undertone was noted on limited to light comparable trades.

South Dakota—On Jan. 10, alfalfa hay and grass hay remain firm. Good demand for all types and qualities of hay and bedding. Very good demand remains from out of state buyers that are short of hay.

Texas—On Jan. 10, compared to last report, hay trades are mostly steady to firm. Feeding demand has continued to pick up as supplemental feeding is in full swing in most regions. Hay quality continues to be the largest determiner on price.

Wyoming—On Jan. 9, compared to last week reported hay sales sold steady to firm. Most of the contacts in eastern part of the state are sold out of hay. There are some low testing RFV squares still on the market. Most contacts in the western side of the state have a few bales of most of the classified hay left to sell.