Final Alfalfa U set for Feb. 20 in Dodge City

From identifying new market and revenue opportunities, to understanding how they can produce more yield and higher quality hay with fewer inputs, alfalfa farmers know that continuing education is critical to their bottom lines. High Plains Journal, Alforex Seeds and John Deere are sponsoring Alfalfa U. The final event will be held at Boot Hill Casino and Resort Conference Center, Dodge City, Kansas, on Feb. 20.

Heath Dewey, U.S. Department of Agriculture Market News and Colorado Department of Agriculture hay reporter will lead the morning with a presentation about the hay market conditions that farmers saw in 2019 and the current 2020 conditions as well. 

University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Bruce Anderson will share the latest research into rotating alfalfa with row crops to make the most of nitrogen applications. We’ll hear from Vandeveer about insurance products for forage production. And Mike Brouk, Kansas State University dairy nutritionist, will share how farmers can manage their alfalfa for the discerning dairy cow. 

Alfalfa U registration is free and all are invited to attend the full-day event with lunch provided. Attendees are encouraged to pre-register online at or by calling 620-227-1834. Same-day registration will begin at 8 a.m.