Wild rice recipe contest

Many of us are finding ourselves spending more time at home preparing meals. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a fun way to stimulate creativity in the kitchen, all while holding the potential to win cash and prizes? Well, there is!

The Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice Council is ready to reward you for your recipes when you compete in the 11th annual Get Wild withWild Rice recipe contest. Participants can bring home cash prizes and bragging rights for the most innovative and delicious wild rice recipe. Recipes must be original creations and feature the one-of-a-kind flavor of the only cereal grain native to North America—wild rice.

The deadline for recipe submissions is June 7. Culinary creations need to include one-quarter cup of cooked wild rice per serving and at least one of these sponsor’s products: Just BARE, Minnesota Beef Council, Minnesota Pork Board and Northern Canola Growers Association.

Visit mnwildrice.org for full contest details.

For contest finalists and other wild rice recipes, visit one of the most extensive wild rice recipe libraries in the world at mnwildrice.org/search.php.